Tastemaker Series: Kaye & TJ Rocamora

There’s something about Fridays in the metro—the streets fill up with cars and highways turn into parking lots. Checking the traffic report feels like a bloodbath from all the red lights indicative of heavy traffic. When you’re lucky enough, you get a short window of bearable traffic and that was the goal for the day. It’s the small victories that count.

Luckily, we were able to catch Aeropress power couple Kaye and TJ Rocamora before the Friday madness. We asked them a couple of questions about their favorite beans and winning recipes as they did a final check on their luggage before their Iceland and Scandinavia adventure.

First to brew was TJ, 1st runner up of the 2016 Philippine Aeropress Championship. He showed us his winning recipe using the Auntie Doris. This coffee from Caliking, Benguet packs quite a bit of acidity, tartness, and a subtle sweetness different from your usual Philippine coffee.

TJ’s Aeropress recipe:

  • 30g of coffee
  • Medium coarse grind size
  • 81C water temperature
  • 120g of water
  • Inverted method

By using this method, you are able to adjust the coffee to your preference. He drew his inspiration from Tetsu Kasuya, winner of the 2016 Brewer’s Cup

  1. Heat water to 81°C.
  2. Pour the grounds into the inverted Aeropress.
  3. Pour 120g of water & stir vigorously for 18 seconds.
  4. Place the paper filter & cap then flip the Aeropress onto your server.
  5. Wait 30 seconds.
  6. Slowly press for 30 seconds.
  7. Enjoy the sensual aroma of the essence of the coffee.
  8. Pour an additional amount of water – anywhere from 110 to 120g in accordance with your personal taste.
  9. Swirl the mixture to cool and enjoy!

Kaye was pretty much done packing when her turn to brew came up. “Her recipe makes any coffee taste great, it’s our go to recipe,” TJ said. So we asked her to brew the Mang Jose, which has notes of candied tomatoes, syrupy muscovado, and dried cranberries: a profile reminiscent of African coffees.

Kaye’s Aeropress recipe:

  • 20g of coffee
  • Medium coarse grind size
  • 88°C water temperature
  • 250g of water
  • Traditional method

  1. Pour 50g of water.
  2. Bloom for 30 seconds.
  3. Pour 200g of water within 1 minute.
  4. Press for 30 seconds.
  5. Swirl coffee to cool & enjoy!

Sounds pretty simple but that’s what is great about it, there’s no pressure involved (unless you’re pressing) and it always produces a great cup. True enough, the Mang Jose was amazing. The coffee came to life, its acidity was playful and it had the right amount of sweetness.

Kaye & TJ took a moment to enjoy each other’s coffee while taking a break from the packing frenzy. Stories about past & future travels transpired as they sipped  their coffee. It could have gone for hours and more cups of coffee could’ve been brewed but it was almost time to go.

After the last sip was taken, we started cleaning up. Kaye & TJ went over their lists & arrangements, making sure that everything was set and scheduled while they would be away. Funny how coffee can make you both relaxed & energized, not exactly contradictory but it works.   

Looking to try TJ’s and Kaye’s recipes? Auntie Doris is served in all branches of Habitual Coffee until supplies last. Our Mang Jose coffee beans is available for retail in our online store!

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