Disposable Coffee Cups from Caffe Society

as a regular coffee shop or cafe you may want to offer takeaway options for
customers. You can still keep coffee hot without compromising on taste

We understand the need to cater for the
takeaway market, especially during the recent and current worldwide
events; and so we have a wide range of alternatives to the traditional
coffee mug.

with all standard sized and popular coffee machines, our selection of takeaway coffee cups are affordable,
practical and ideal for your coffee shop, restaurant or cafe.

Our range contains a wide variety of stylish disposable cups that are available in various sizes. These range from small espresso sized 4oz cups all the way up to large 16oz capacity cups. We also recently introduced our biodegradable and compostable coffee cups and lids with our clean and simple “CS Eco” design. The ecologically friendly paper cups are designed using a minimal amount of ink, as well as biodegradable materials.

You can view the range of Disposable Coffee Cups & Lids here.

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