Coffee Cupping

Step 1 – Take in & evaluate the fragrance (dry smell) of the freshly ground coffee

Step 2 – Hot water is poured into the freshly roasted and ground coffee beans. We then wait for 4 minutes for the flavor attributes to emerge. After four minutes, the crust that forms on top of a cupping vessel which is collection of ground coffee is broken to take in & evaluate the aroma (wet smell). The wet grounds will produce more intense smell that is easier to decode. The crust is then removed in a different cup as waste.

Step 3 – Wait for 6 minutes after the crust is broken and then use your spoon to taste the coffee. Try to slurp the coffee to increase the flavor & aroma perception.

Sample the coffee as many times as you want to, analyzing & making notes on what you think about the different attributes the coffee displays!

Flavor attributes mainly depend on the altitude, soil condition, variety of the coffee plant, cultural practices and how coffees are processed.  

The main thing to remember is that consistency in YOUR cupping method remains, so that your “tool” to evaluate does not change. So if you use 12 grams of ground coffee, make sure you always use 12 grams. Same is true for amount of water, grind size and different times at which you follow different steps.

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