Coffee Processing Methods – Washed, Natural & Honey Sun Dried

Washed coffee showcases the true quality of the green beans as the focus of this process is solely on the inside part of the cherry.

After harvesting the cherries, they are soaked in tanks where floating cherries are removed. Next the cherry pulp is removed by using a pulp remove machine. De-pulped cherries then undergo a fermentation process where they are kept in tanks with water for 18 to 72. After completion of fermentation process beans are washed two to three times and then moved to the drying yard where coffee beans are dried under direct sunlight or under artificial shade. It takes about 7 to 10 days under ideal weather conditions for the beans to dry well. When moisture content reaches 10.5% wet processed coffee is ready for hulling, in this process parchment layer from the bean is removed and polish the beans.

This process because of its focus on what is inside highlights the real character of a single origin coffee like no other process.

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