Coffee Face Mask

Well needless to say that this Coffee Face Mask won’t protect you from Covid-19 but it will make your skin feel and look great, so there’s that!

Skin is such a visual indicator of health, and I’ve found having smooth, glowing skin makes me feel so good. Though living in the city and being around pollution a lot of the time, or just not getting enough sleep, can really dry my face out and emphasise my tiredness.

I’ve had a few people in the past ask me for my coffee face mask recipe when they’ve seen my stories when I am making or using it.

Just to be clear,  this is a face mask, not a face scrub. I think scrubs can sometimes be harmful to our skin, especially the skin on our faces which are more sensitive and delicate. I think coffee scrubs are good for the body though because it is a great exfoliant, but our faces have much more sensitive skin and our bodies can handle the rougher scrub. So it’s important to note that this is a leave on coffee mask that when washed off will make your skin look sparkly and feel so unbelievably amazing – soft and smooth.

So. what’s the secret?… well, in this recipe I use fresh coffee (I have in the past reused coffee grinds). But I like to use fresh coffee mainly to get the most benefits from more caffeine into my skin – and I noticed the difference. If you want to change this recipe as a scrub for your body, you can use used filter ground coffee waste!♻️ 

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