A cup of Inner Strength

Whilst Extract’s community support happens year-round, launching this coffee at the end of the year gives us a moment to pause and celebrate the community projects we have been a part of.

It is a moment to shine a spotlight on the work of the organisations we support through our Grounds Up Charity collective – sharing their stories of the crucial work they do.

More than ever, this year has shown us that by working together, supporting each other, we are stronger.

It also serves as a reminder to support one another each day. Whether that’s just the smallest gesture of kindness to give each other confidence & comfort in finding that inner strength, it is something we hope this coffee sparks in all of you as you sip your cup of Inner Strength.

Thank you. By drinking this coffee, you are supporting communities in need across the UK. Ex-rough sleepers in London, hospitality professionals in the North, vulnerable groups in the Cotswolds and young people from deprived communities across the South West.

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