How to Make Vietnamese Coffee – Best Recipes and Tips

Step 1

Grab your lucky cup, clean it a bit, and set the filter over it. We know how satisfying it feels to watch the whole process; that’s the reason we’d suggest you go for a transparent mug. It’ll take mere 4-5 minutes, but it’ll be a worth-having moment.

Step 2

Use a tablespoon full of whatever you want to add to make the things balanced. Make sure it dissolves in it.

Step 3

Now grab a mug spanner and smoothly place it over the coffee ground. Make sure you fix it moderately, not too tight or too loose, otherwise water will not run properly.

Step 4

Now, you need warm water to take things to the next level. It’d be great if you keep it at 195 degrees Fahrenheit. You can also use a thermometer in this regard. Now you can understand how important the temperature is regarding coffee.

Step 5

After a few seconds, put the cup in the phone and wait for 4-5 minutes. During this time, you can check your mail, give your breakfast a shot, or put some new clothes on. The aesthetic Vietnamese coffee will be waiting to make your day.

It does not end here. How to serve coffee can play a crucial role in the whole process. That’s why we came up with the easiest and most effective method for your convenience.

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