Behind the beans: Betty, a new coffee for #iwd2021

Liquidambar Coffee Estate in San Marcos, Honduras

These workshops have included barista courses, cupping, marketing, MS excel, farm certifications, project proposal methods, governance and financial literacy.

After its initial success, the chapter gained further support to develop on-farm training such as climate change adaptation, income diversification, temporary shade and distance cultivation.

The COVID-19 Pandemic has disrupted, but not defeated their work with two more projects now underway, a “Women in Coffee Success Stories” series, and a directory of women in coffee.

Delmy’s work with the IWCA has a direct impact on the lives & financial sustainability of women in Honduran coffee-growing communities.

We’re delighted to be roasting her coffee as part of this year’s Betty campaign and ask that you join us for a digital conversation with Delmy in March.

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