The Better Fit: Sugar Sachets vs. Vending Sugar for Your Business

Hotels and restaurant chains are doing what they can to curb losses from the coronavirus pandemic, including looking at cost-cutting measures wherever possible. For some, keeping their doors open during each pandemic wave requires looking more granularly at specific aspects of their operations, from the bigger picture goals, through to the smaller day-to-day decisions. One such small decision might be to decide between using sugar sachets or vending sugar to help customers curb their caffeine or hot drink fixes. What are the differences between the two, and which is better to use in the long term?


In a nutshell, vending sugar is a finer ground sugar that dissolves more readily with hot water than it’s sachet (traditional) counterpart. This type of sugar offers a different consistency, which has less to do with the actual taste, and more to do with a practical consideration to ensure that the vending machine itself doesn’t malfunction. Although it might seem that there would be large differences between the two based on composition, the reality is that both offer the same expected taste, so it is unlikely that the average customer will spot the difference between one or the other. 


From a convenience standpoint, using vending sugar from a machine leaves less for cleaning up at the end of the day, and doesn’t rely on the customer throwing away their sachets after using them. It is also possible to manage sugar stock levels a bit more carefully, as you won’t have a single customer using the equivalent of four sachets when ordering a coffee from a vending machine with pre-set programming. Although some customers might ask for more, it’s more likely that they’ll appreciate the convenience of a “one-stop” solution, which may help them move on a little faster than if presented with a container full of sachets. 

Environmental Impact

From an environmental perspective, there are two important considerations to keep in mind. The first is that vending sugar can be bought in large quantities, so there is less packaging involved if you refill a machine with a bulk order, in one go. Sugar sachets may seem like they are recyclable, but the problem is that people use them, and throw them in their cups or mugs after. At a restaurant, they may even leave them on their finished plates after a saucy meal. Food contamination means these sachets can’t go straight into the recycling bin. On the contrary, vending sugar packets can typically be rinsed and placed straight in the recycling bin, ready to head to the plant with the next pickup. 

Where To Buy Vending Sugar

Although both might be similar from a taste perspective, it’s clear that vending sugar creates an added convenience factor for business, as well as offering a more environmentally friendly option too. If you’re a hotel or restaurant owner, vending sugar could also help to manage stock levels a bit better, which should ultimately benefit your bottom line at the end of the month as well. Wondering where to get your hands on the best vending sugar? Aquaspresso sells a 4kg option that retails for under R59 per kilogram. This is the way to go if you’re after high quality sugar that won’t give your vending machine range any problems along the way, and will leave your customers satisfied with every cup. 

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