Blend Update – Savio

Fresh Colombia arrivals means a fresher Savio! For the next couple of months we’ll be featuring a washed lot from La Flora’s mitaca harvest in El Pital, Colombia.  This is now our third season purchasing coffees from La Flora via our friends / importing partners at Osito Coffee. They have a very strong presence in Colombia and are dedicated to paying farmers fixed prices well above the market. Additionally, we work closely with them on the logistics of importing our selections each year from Cafeología in Chiapas, Mexico!

La Flora producer group in front of centralized drying beds / El Pital, Colombia

La Flora producer group in front of centralized drying beds / El Pital, Colombia

The La Flora producer group is comprised of 8 smallholders that are all processing together at a centralized station and growing a mix of varieties – Caturra, Castillo, Colombia, and San Bernardo (similar to Pache, a natural mutation of Typica). The relationships both within La Flora and between the group and Osito are very strong. In fact, La Flora’s leader, Eduar Moriones, is the brother-in-law of Osito’s co-owner and Director of Coffee in Colombia, Jose Jadir Losada.  We’ve been continuously impressed with the high bar for quality and consistency that this group has set, and look forward to buying a larger bulk of their coffee from the main harvest, which will arrive later in the Fall.

The new Savio composition as of roast date May 4, 2021, is as follows:

  • 50% La Flora / Washed / Huila, Colombia

  • 50% Augustin Benda / Washed / Gatsibo, Rwanda

With the addition of La Flora, we’re finding that Savio has both a fuller, chocolate-like sweetness and even more concentrated fruit complexity. Win/win!

As an espresso, the ideal shot produces flavors of berries and dried fruit – think blackberry, cherry, or fig – with a brown sugar sweetness and long dark chocolate finish. As a filter brew, you’ll notice a bit more delicacy. Still present are flavors of cherry, fig, and dark chocolate, but there’s a few added layers of honey, vanilla, and apricot.  Whichever way you choose to brew – what you’re looking for is a harmonious balance between the tangy fruits and sweet, cooked sugars.

Humure Station / Gatsibo District, Rwanda

Humure Station / Gatsibo District, Rwanda

If you’re grinding too fine: espresso will be particularly cloying and intense, with flavors like grapefruit peel and burnt sugar. Filter coffee will be murky and lacking acidity. If you’re only tasting dark chocolate and no fruits, try grinding coarser! 

If you’re grinding too coarse: espresso will be overly sour like lemon juice and green apples. Filter coffee will be hollow in flavor and low in sweetness. If the coffee is tasting too nutty and thin in body, try grinding finer!

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