Caravan Coffee Roasters

Caravan coffee, roast their seasonal and carefully selected coffee on a state of the art Loring Peregrine S70 (the Tesla of the coffee roasting world). Loring machines are the most efficient machines on the market, using up to 80% less gas than the average drum roaster. This is because the Loring uses primarily hot air in the roasting process, referred to as ‘convective’ heat, instead of ‘conductive’ heat from a direct gas flame-like many other roasters do. 

This convective heat model produces a remarkably clean taste in the cup, with less risk of scorching the beans due to contact with the hot metal drum. What’s more, by superheating and then recirculating hot air, the energy within the Loring is recaptured, therefore using far less gas and creating much less smoke and chaff. With a maximum capacity of 70kg, they can comfortably roast an entire 60kg sack of coffee within 12 minutes, reducing our carbon footprint and becoming more efficient in the process.

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