Coffee Ratio Calculator Tool

A glass jug that contains coffee next to a cup on a white table

A few days ago, I released a coffee ratio calculator on this blog. The ratio calculator lets you figure out the simplest version of a coffee to water ratio. You can also figure out how much coffee you need to use to brew with a particular ratio and a certain amount of water, or you can figure out how much water you need to brew with a particular ratio and amount of coffee.

I built this calculator to solve an issue I have experienced: my hesitancy to calculate ratios for my brewing. I know that I should think about ratios but actually calculating them is a bit tedious. Now there’s a calculator that does the work that I would previously have to do manually.

I syndicated the calculator on the Steampunk Coffee blog, which you can see in the “Coffee Ratio Calculator Tool” post on the Steampunk blog. You can see the original calculator on my blog here. There are instructions on the original calculator post on how to embed it on your site if you would like to do so.

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