I Tested Keurig K Compact – Here’s Everything You Need To Know

The most affordable Keurig coffee maker is available exclusively at Walmart and comes at a sweet price of only $59.00. In this article, you’ll find out how good it really is, and also find additional information like how to clean it, or do you need a water filter for this model.


Keurig K Compact brings a classic Keurig user-friendly design, it takes little space and it’s very lightweight.

K Compact is 12.5 inches high and 8.2 inches wide. The only two models slimmer than K Compact are Keurig K Slim and K Mini.

The K Compact has 36 ounces water reservoir that can be removed from the unit so it’s easy to refill.

Controls are placed on top and they are easy to access. This model has three basic cups sizes: 6, 8, and 10 ounces.

Besides different cup sizes, K Compact doesn’t offer additional features like temperature control, strong coffee button, or auto-on. It does have auto off which turns the coffee maker off 2 hours after your last brew.

As far as the size and options, this machine is really nice, especially for this price.

Like all Keurig brewers this one is also plastic. It does feel slightly cheap, at least compared with some other models. What I didn’t like about the unit I tested is that it did have plastic smell while brewing, and it’s also noisy.

I was also interested in what others think about this model. The most common complaints are (you’ll be surprised):  plastic smell and how loud it is while brewing! But, most people are satisfied with this machine. Around 80 percent of reviews available on Walmart website are positive.

How well does it work?

Like all single-cup brewers, this one is very easy to use. When you press the Power button, K compact takes approximately 4 minutes to preheat. This preheating is a one-time process. Once heated, you can brew cups one after another with small pauses. This is called the Smart Start.

To make the coffee, lift the handle, insert the k cup, and close the handle. Choose your desired cup size and press the button. That’s it!

On average, it needs 60 seconds to brew an 8-ounce cup of coffee.

keurig k compact

K cups for K Compact

Keurig K Compact works with all types of regular k cups  – Keurig branded and non-branded.

It also works with a reusable k cup filter that allows you to use your own coffee in this machine. This model is compatible with the universal k cup filter.

How to use universal k cup filter in K Compact: The universal filter works with K Compact, but you need to remove the bottom 2.0 adapter so it can fit your machine. People often forget to remove the adapter.

Keurig K Compact vs K Mini
The main difference between the two is the water tank and cup options. While K Compact has a 36-ounce reservoir, the K Mini has a single cup water tank. This means that you need to add fresh water each time you want to make coffee. The K Mini needs about 2 minutes to heat the water and make the coffee.

The Keurig K Mini doesn’t have dedicated cup buttons but you decide which cup size you want by adding the desired amount of water to the tank. As mentioned, the K Compact has buttons for each cup size.

The main advantage of the K Mini is its size. It’s super slim and it’s only 5 inches wide! It also doesn’t feel as cheap as K Compact, and the coffee tastes much better.

To learn how K Compact compares to other popular Keurig brewers, and what you get with other models check out this guide.

The K Compact includes a limited one-year warranty for normal home use. Customer service help is available 7 days a week at 866-901-2739.

How to clean Keurig K Compact
Keurig recommends cleaning the external parts or the brewer regularly using a wet cloth and descaling the machine every three to four months.

If you want a good cup of k cup coffee, I also recommend cleaning the inside of your machine at least once per month. Here are step-by-step instructions on how to clean your coffee maker and also how to descale it.

Keurig K Compact water filter
Keurig K Compact is compatible with rear reservoir filter holder and it’s usually sold separately. The water filter should be placed inside the water tank, on the valve at the bottom of the tank.

Change water filters every 2 months or 60 tank refills. Here’s how to change K Compact water filter.

Keurig K Compact instructions
Here you can download Keurig K Compact manual.

Nice size and sweet price are appealing, and this model is a great choice if you really want a Keurig but you don’t want to spend a lot of money.

But personally, I would choose a different model even if it costs more. For example, you can often find Keurig K Elite on sale for $120 (reg. price $169.99). But K Elite is sturdy, makes a very good cup of coffee, it has auto ON, strong coffee button, iced coffee button and it also has a larger water tank.

If you don’t want to spend any extra money, choosing a $40 French press is also worth considering. You will need to heat the water separately with a French press, but you will save money on k cups, you’ll get a delicious cup of coffee, plus there will be no plastic smell or taste.

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