Keurig K Slim Review – Your Top Questions, Answered

At just 5 inches wide, Keurig K Slim fits neatly on your counter space but it comes with a refillable water tank so you don’t have to add water for each cup. Here’s everything you need to know about Keurig K Slim.  

If you want a slim Keurig model but you don’t want to fill up each cup manually, the K Slim might be just the perfect brewer for you. This model has the same space-saving design, but it has  a 46 ounce removable water reservoir so you don’t have to add water each time you make the coffee.

Space-saving design

Just like K Mini, the $109.99 Keurig K Slim single serve coffee maker is only 5 inches wide so it takes almost no space up on the counter.

The k cup holder and the buttons are placed on top for easy access. With the K Slim you can brew three different cup sizes: 8, 10 and 12 ounces.

K Slim has removable water reservoir which can hold up to 46 ounces. The water tank is placed in the back, so the it’s pretty deep  – 15.2 inches.

Keurig K Slim retails for $109.99 and is available in white and black.

How well does it work?

Just like any other single serve machine, this one is a breeze to use. Fill the water tank with fresh water, open the handle and insert a k cup, select cup size and press the blinking K button to brew.

Once heated, it needs one minute to make the coffee. What I like about this model is that it’s pretty quiet, especially compared to the K Compact.

While this model doesn’t have an iced coffee button, you can still use it to make a delicious iced coffee.

It also doesn’t have hot water on demand, but you can still get just hot water for tea or cocoa. To get hot water, simply lift and close the handle without inserting the k cup, select cup size, and press the Brew button.

You also don’t need to wait for brewer to heat the water before choosing the cup size. Insert the k cup, choose the cup size and press brew, and the brewer will heat, then start brewing automatically.

K Slim has auto off and it will turn off the machine 5 minutes after the last brew to help save energy. This option can’t be desabled.

K cups for K Slim

Keurig K Slim works with all regular k cups, including Keurig branded and non-branded k cups.

Keurig K Slim Reusable Filter: This model is compatible with universal reusable k-cup filter . Don’t forget to remove the bottom 2.0 adapter from the filter so it fits your machine.

keurig k slim

Keurig K Slim vs K Mini

Keurig K Slim is easier to use, and offers more options than Keurig K Mini. It’s also faster than K Mini. With K Mini you need to manually add water for each cup and wait 2 minutes for the water to heat and start brewing. K Slim needs to heat the water when you first turn it on, but once the machine is ready it reheats between cups really fast.

Also the K Slim has buttons for each cup size, while with K Mini you decide how much to brew by adding a desired amount of water.

A good reason to choose K Mini, is if you don’t have space for K Slim or you want a specific color. Both brewers are less than 5 inches wide, but K Slim is 15.2 inches deep, while K Mini is only 11.3 inches deep. The K Mini is available in 5 colors including black, red, pink, gray, and oasis.

The K Mini is also cheaper and it’s $79.99. But you can often find K Slim on sale on Amazon.

Keurig K Slim vs K Compact

There are several differences between these two models: price, design and cup options. The K Compact is the most affordable Keurig model and retails for only $59.99.

While K Slim has this slim design, K Compact has a basic Keurig design and it’s 8.2 inches wide. K Slim has larger water tank that holds 46 ounces, and K Compact has 36 ounces tank capacity.

The cup sizes are different as well. With K Slim you can brew 8, 10 and 12 ounce cups, and on K Compact you can brew 6, 8 or 10 ounce cups. When it comes to the taste, in my personal opionion K Slim makes slighly better cup of coffee.


Keurig recommends cleaning your machine periodically and descaling K Slim every 3 – 4 months. Here’s how to clean Keurig K Slim and also how to descale K Slim.

Keurig K Slim water filter: The Keurig K Slim is compatible with the side reservoir water filter. The water filter should be changed every 2 months, or 60 tank refills.

If you’re looking for a Keurig model that won’t take up your counter space Keurig K Slim single-serve coffee maker is a good choice. It has basic cup options and you can use it to brew all regular k cups. You can also use a reusable k cup with this model. You also won’t have to add water for each individual cup like you need to do with K Mini. This will save time if you’re brewing more than one cup in the morning.

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