Nespresso Vertuo Machines – All Your Questions, Answered

Looking for a machine that can make coffee and espresso shots? Nespresso Vertuo might be just the right fit. Nespresso Vertuo makes regular coffee and real espresso shots, at a touch of a button.

Nespresso Vertuo is the only capsule system on the market that can do coffee and real espresso shots. While other machines like Keurig K-Cafe have a shot option, they don’t make real espresso. Instead, they make strong, concentrated brewed coffee.

Nespresso delivers real espresso shots that are rich, smooth, and have a layer of crema on top.

How does Nespresso Vertuo work

What makes Vertuo machines unique is the Barcode Reading Technology. The machine automatically recognizes the inserted capsule and adjusts the brewing parameters to extract coffee at its best.

Switching between coffee and espresso is effortless. Insert your favorite coffee or espresso pod, press the Brew button, and let the machine work its magic.

First, the basics for all Nespresso Vertuo Models

Nespresso Vertuo machines are made of plastic and have stainless steel details. They are beautifully designed and will look good in any kitchen.

All models work with Vertuo capsules and use the barcode reading technology.

They all have 5 basic cups sizes: 1.35 oz for espresso; 2.7 oz for a double espresso; 5 oz, 8 oz, and 14 oz for brewed coffee.

You can also set the preferred volumes for capsules. The programming is specific for each capsule type: espresso, double espresso, Gran Lungo, Mug, and Alto. You can set the volume from 0.3 or 0.7 ounces (depending on the model) and up to 17 ounces.

The water tank is removable so it’s easy to fill and clean.

These machines have storage for used capsules. Capsule ejection is automatic – when you unlock the lid, the capsule you used will slide into the bin.

To help save energy, the auto-off feature will activate when you don’t use the machine.

The Differences Between Nespresso Vertuo Models

Best for: Those who just want a classic machine that makes delicious coffee and espresso

Vertuo Evoluo is the most basic Vertuo model. It’s 9 inches wide and 12.2 inches high. The 54 ounce removable water tank stands on the left. Evoluo offers 5 basic cups sizes, and you can program the volume for capsules from 0.3 oz to 17 oz. Evoluo used pod container can hold up to 17 used pods. The auto-off activates after 9 minutes. Evoluo retails for $199.00 ($249 with Aeroccino milk frother) and it’s available in 5 different colors.

Best for:Those who love timeless, retro-modern design

The Vertuo is 8.3 inches wide and 12 inches high. The water tank is on the left and has 40 ounces capacity. The machine makes 5 standard cup sizes, and you can program the volume for each capsule, from 0.3 ounces up to 17 ounces. The pod container holds up to 13 used pods. Nespresso Vertuo retails for $199.00 ($249.00 with frother), and it’s available in 5 different colors.

Best for: Budget-minded coffee lovers, or if you care about getting specific color

The Vertuo Plus is 8.7 inches wide and 12.8 inches tall. This model has 5 basic cup options and allows you to program volume from 0.3 ounces to 17 ounces. Vertuo Plus has an adjustable water tank position to fit countertop space. The water tank has 40 ounce capacity.

This model also has an automatic head opening system. The pod bin can hold up to 10 used pods. The auto-off activates after 9 minutes of non-use. Nespresso Vertuo Plus retails from $149.00 to $179.00 depending on the color and it’s available in 11 different colors. Bundle retails from $199.00 – $229.00.

how does nespresso vertuo work

If you need a bigger water tank, there’s also a deluxe version. Nespresso Vertuo Plus Deluxe has all the same options as Vertuo Plus, but it comes with 60 ounce water tank.

Best for: If you want most options, this is for you.

Vertuo Next is the smallest model from the Vertuo Collection. Its size and the fact that you can pair it with your smartphone make this model really popular.

Vertuo Next is 12.4 inches high and only 5.5 inches wide. It’s made from 54% recycled plastic. The removable water tank has 37 ounces capacity. The capsule bin holds up to 10 capsules.

Vertuo Next has 5 basic cup sizes, and can also do an 18 oz carafe. You can also program cup volume for each capsule from 0.7 ounces to 17 ounces. The auto-off activates after 2 minutes. Nespresso Vertuo Next retails for $159.00 ($209.00 with frother) and it’s available in 4 colors. There are also premium and deluxe versions with chrome details.

How well does it work?

Both brewed coffee and espresso from this machine taste good. Espresso shots are smooth, rich, and have crema. It’s not as good as the shot from a semi-automatic machine like Breville, but it’s still very tasty and makes wonderful lattes and iced coffee.

Nespresso Vertuo needs only 15 – 25 seconds to heat up, so you will have your espresso shot ready in no time. Brewing coffee will take longer. It needs about 1 minute and 45 seconds to make an 8 oz cup of coffee, from start to finish.

Capsule machines have a weak spot and that’s durability. Since they are mostly made of plastic, these appliances are not a lifetime investment.

Some units can last for years and you won’t have any problems with them. But sometimes, you can get a unit that will start leaking after just a few months, or you won’t be able to brew until you reset the unit, etc. That’s why you can see so many 5 star and 1 star ratings at the same time for the same machine.

It’s absolutely the same with Keurig machines and Ninja coffee makers which use ground coffee. They simply don’t invest a lot in quality and it’s something I think it’s worth mentioning.

Of course, Nespresso Customer Service will assist you if you experience any issues with your brewer. All Nespresso Vertuo machines also include a 1-year warranty.

Nespresso Vertuo Pods

Nespresso Vertuo works exclusively with Vertuo capsules. The barcode on each capsule adjusts the water flow, temperature, and infusion time to make the perfect coffee every time.

You can choose between 27 flavors, along with limited-edition delicious varieties when they’re launched.

You will easily find a cup style and size to match your coffee preference. Each capsule offers different flavor notes and strengths.

Besides classic espresso and coffee, there are also flavored capsules with fun flavors like tropical coconut iced coffee, chocolate fudge, caramel cookie, or vanilla custard pie.

Vertuo capsules are more expensive than other capsule types –  $0.85 for espresso,  and $1.10 for coffee. But, it’s still cheaper than a daily trip to the coffee shop. If you strategically order them during special offers, you can bring the per-cup price down.

You can buy Nespresso Vertuo capsules at Nespresso Boutique near you, online at Nespresso. com and on Amazon.

If you’re worried about the environmental impact of your single-use coffee maker, Nespresso makes it easy to recycle the pods. All Vertuo capsules are recyclable and the company offers a free capsule recycling program.

Nespresso Vertuo reusable pods: Nespresso doesn’t make reusable Vertuo pods. There are some reusable pods available on Amazon but they don’t work well as they should. There are foil lids that you can use to reuse used Vertuo pods. This option works much better.

But honestly, if you want to get the most out of this machine, buy it only if you don’t mind spending a buck for a cup of coffee. This machine should really be used with its own pods.

Can Nespresso Vertuo use original pods: Vertuo pods and regular Nespresso pods are very different in shape and size. Nespresso Vertuo doesn’t work with regular Nespresso Original Line pods.

Maintenace and Support

Vertuo coffee makers include a limited one-year warranty for normal home use. Customer service help is available 7 days a week at 877-964-6299.

It’s recommended to clean the external parts or the brewer regularly using a wet cloth and rinsing it once a week to keep it in a good shape. All models have a descale alert feature and will let you know when it needs to be descaled.

Frequently Asked Questions

Nespresso Vertuo by Breville or by DeLonghi
Most Nespresso machines in the USA are made by Breville or by DeLonghi. The same model can have the label Nespresso, Breville, or DeLonghi, but it’s basically the same machine. Manufacturers use licensed Nespresso technology and specific model will have all the same features, no matter which company made it.

Only Vertuo Plus has a small difference in cosmetics. Vertuo Plus by DeLonghi has a flat head compared to Vertuo Plus by Breville. But all features are the same.

Ultimately, it comes down to which brand you like more Breville or DeLonghi.

Nespresso Vertuo vs Original
Nespresso Original line machine is for espresso lovers who want to keep things simple. Original Nespresso machines make only espresso shots.

Original Line includes 29 espresso capsules, each with different aroma and flavor notes. The capsules are cheaper than Vertuo capsules – $0.70 for regular espresso capsules, and $0.75 for barista style capsules.

The main advantage of Nespresso Vertuo is the fact that it can make espresso and brewed coffee. It’s a good choice for those who want an all-in-one solution.

Nespresso Vertuo vs K Cafe
The main difference between Nespresso Vertuo and Keurig K Cafe is the fact that Vertuo makes real espresso. K Cafe also has the shot option, but this option makes very strong concentrated coffee not espresso. This is because Keurig doesn’t use pressure to extract the coffee like Nespresso.

Also, the Aeroccino frother makes better froth than K Cafe. Generally, Nespresso makes better tasting drinks with rich aroma and flavor notes.

K Cafe offers three cup sizes and has a Shot button, while with Vertuoline you can brew anywhere from 0.7 ounces to 17 ounces.

And, let’s not forget the fact that you can recycle Nespresso pods. Keurig K cups are made from plastic, and most of the pods are not recyclable.

But, Keurig is cheaper to use. Nespresso Vertuo coffee capsule costs $1.10, and one k cup costs between $0.40 – $0.70.

You can also easily use your own coffee in Keurig K-Cafe since it works with a reusable k cup filter.

Can you use regular Nespresso pods in Vertuo
No. The Vertuo system works only with Vertuo capsules, and it’s not compatible with regular Nespresso pods.

Nespresso Vertuo reusable pods:
Nespresso doesn’t make reusable Vertuo pods. There are some reusable pods available on Amazon but they don’t work as they should. There are foil lids that you can use to reuse used Vertuo pods. This option works much better.

Can Nespresso Vertuo make hot water
Unfortunately, Nespresso Vertuo machines don’t have an option to only dispense hot water.


Nespresso Vertuoline is so easy to use and gives so many options. With this machine, you can make anything from a single espresso shot, 14 ounce cup of coffee, to flavored iced cafe-style drinks.

The capsules are not cheap. But if you would rather enjoy one delicious cup with crema, than two or three mediocre cups, you will like the Vertuo machine. This machine will really transform you into a super talented barista.

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