Why Wildland Coffee Is My New Camping Coffee Of Choice

I’ve been on a fair number of camping trips, full-day hikes, and outdoorsy getaways. Making coffee outdoors, when you’re far from your whole setup (grinder, Hario V60, kettle, favorite mug), can be a bit challenging. I’ve tried roughly a dozen different things over the years to find what works best, and I have my top-picks.

And now there’s a new one: Wildland Coffee.

I will probably never bring a multi-item coffee brewing setup on trips that are supposed to be “minimal” again. Compared to Wildland, it’s just too much hassle and not worth the payoff.

This is a coffee brewing method that’s worth paying attention to.

Wildland Coffee is Friendly to Minimalist Packers

I’ve both traveled around the world and camped in national parks with nothing but a backpack. When you’re packing light, every ounce matters. The grinder, AeroPress, kettle–it’s just all too much.

Wildland’s coffee tea bags are as light and simple as they come. You just add hot water to brew the coffee over 4-6 minutes, and then you’re done. No heavy grinder or brewers necessary!

If you’re counting ounces (or just don’t want to carry more than you have to), Wildland is the lightweight coffee brewing solution to be beat.

wildland coffee review

The Current Brazilian Coffee is Just Right for the Great Outdoors

Listen, I love my frou-frou coffee. Give me delicate floral or fruity notes all day and I’ll sing your praises. I’ll measure grams and record recipes to find the technique that’s just right.

But when I’m enjoying the great outdoors, I want a no-frills classic cup that’ll enhance my experience, not draw me away from it. I want to smell the pines, not look for pine notes in my coffee.

That’s why Wildland Coffee’s current Brazilian bean makes a lot of sense for me on outdoor trips. Even though I wasn’t able to brew this coffee outdoors (it’s like insanely hot in Texas right now), I can tell it’s what I wished I had last time I was on a remote mountainside in Colorado.

It’s a well-rounded medium-dark roast with notes of smooth dark chocolate, a rich honey sweetness, and a gentle acidity that rounds the whole thing out.

Wildland Review Verdict: I Clearly Love it for a Specific Use Case

I’ll be sticking to my beloved Hario V60 for daily brewing, but when I’m out on outdoor adventures, I’m leaving the grinder home.

For me, it’s Wildland Coffee the next time I find myself in the mountains.

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