Harmony Geisha – Zorro – Corvus Coffee

Disclosure: Pull & Pour received coffee samples for this post, however, as always, all opinions are 100% my own.

Zorro is a Panamanian Geisha from Finca Santa Teresa and part of the Harmony Geisha reserve set from Corvus Coffee. As I read more about Finca Santa Teresa, it was clear they are doing some amazing things on the farming and production side and the award-winning coffees they have been producing for years is a clear result.

This Zorro was a stunning coffee that sported a beautiful floral and fruit profile that was a lot of fun to explore. The coffee began with a pronounced sweet floral, citrus and berry fragrance. The flavor reminded me of sweet strawberry and intense floral citrus notes. It was an incredibly distinctive cup with a sweet-toned structure and a silky, syrupy mouthfeel. The sweetness had a nice synergy featuring dominate floral sweetness with a supporting fruit-toned sweetness. The acidity was citrus-toned and reminded me of grapefruit. The finish featured lingering syrupy sweetness with fruit floral undertones.

The Bottom Line

Zorro was incredibly special coffee and well-deserved to be within the Reserve lineup from Corvus. There was so much flavor depth in the coffee and every attribute evolved as it cooled making the drinking experience so much fun from beginning to end.

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